About Us

The Raspberry Field began in 198

   The Raspberry Field began in 1988 with a very small home crafting business. We are often asked about our name since we have never sold raspberries and don't have a farm. For many years, our house shared a fence line with a large commercial raspberry grower. Eventually, they sold their farm fields to a housing developer and, one day as I was sitting at my dining room table gazing out at the field and trying to come up with a name for my fledgling craft business, the bulldozers moved into the field and started to plow all the beautiful raspberry bushes into the ground. For years we had enjoyed watching deer, quail, bunnies, possums and other wildlife in the field. Our children grew up earning their summer spending money picking berries and we loved watching the farmer working his land. Unexpectedly, as I watched the destruction of the vines, I burst into tears and named my new business The Raspberry Field in honor of our loss. Today, after many transformations, our company has grown and we now make products we love; garments and supplies for working dogs, since 1998.We are a family run business working out of our home. As our children and grandchildren have grown, they have begun to take an active role in our work and we hope to continue for many years to come.

Gerry Von Ahn, Owner


Our Products:

   We personally hand make most of our products on site in our own workshop. Only the finest fabrics and hardware is used and we never cut corners on quality. It may take us a little longer to produce your product, but we think the result is well worth it. All of our embroidery is done on site or at CJ Embroidery, which is owned and operated by one of our family members. Although we specialize in working dogs, our products have also been purchased for cats, bunnies, mini horses and more. Contact us for products and fitting information for working animals other than our canine friends.