Shipping and Return Policy

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All our products are shipped via US Mail. We ship anywhere in the US, Canada, and the UK. Please contact us about other countries.

The Raspberry Field Return Policy:

Our products may be returned if:

1. Garment has not been worn on the animal.

2. Garment has not been altered in any fashion, including cutting and re-sealing adjustable webbing.

3. Return is made within thirty days of shipment and with prior approval from The Raspberry Field owner.

 PLEASE NOTE: Order mistakes on customers behalf may be charged a re-stocking fee. Based on a case by case basis.

The Raspberry Field Repair Policy:

Dogs will be dogs and stuff happens. If your canine partner has a boo boo with one of our Vests or Bands such as a damaged webbing strap, we are happy to repair it for you under the following conditions:

1. Garment must be CLEAN! Please wash the garment before you mail it to us. All our garments are washable.

2. Please call or write us before sending garment so we can determine if a repair is possible.

3. Please do not ask us to repair another company's garment. We only work on our own products.

4. Please include $5.00 S&H with every garment sent to us for repair.