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    My parents Curt & Gerry Von Ahn started this company in 1998. Their mission was to provide a higher quality Working Dog Vest to people while still keeping their prices reasonable for people on a fixed income. They also wanted to make sure people could get the options, and customization that so many people were craving while keeping an integrity to their business when it came to the ADA(American Disibality Act) rules, and regulations.

    Well here it is 20 years later, and we are still here standing strong, and proud. More importantly we are still standing with our long lasting clients, and behind our product. We are still a family run business, and we still make most of our prodcts by hand to order right here in Gresham, OR in the good old USA. We have done so with the following ideals.

    • Always offer a quality product that we can feel proud to stand behind, and offer to our clients.
    • Always offer a superior, and(more improtantly in these modern times) a personal touch to our Incredible Customer Service. When you talk to us you will always deal with a live person who has knowledge, and is willing to help with your questions and concerns.
    • Give people a wide variety of choices, and options for their Working Dog identification, products, and needs.
    • Treat people with honesty, and integrity while defending the rights of the disabled, and the rules of the ADA!

    We would not be here today if it was not for the clients, and organizations that have sought us out, and stayed with us for so many years. We would like to thank you all for your support. The fact that so many have stayed with us over theyears is a standing testominy to the quality of our products, and customer service. We thank you so much for that. If you are new to our site we welcome you to browse, and if we can help in any way please let us know. THANK YOU ALL!

    Curtis Von Ahn, Owner, The Raspberry Field LLC