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    Do you have a custom logo, or are you a new organization that need vests? No problem! We can help you with that. We have several methods(explained below) to get your brand out there for the public to see. Here are a few notes about these processes, and how they work:


    This is one of the more common methods for logo impriniting on a vest. We provide services to digitize your logo into an embroidery file, and embroiderer it directly on the vest, and yes even on the pockets without sewing them shut.

    First if you already have your logo digitized as an EMBROIDERY FILE such as .emb you can just send the file directly to us to find out how much it would cost to have it put on a vest. If you have not had your logo digitized into an embroidery file you can send the logo to us as a picture or almost any other type of file, and we can send you a quote on how much it will cost to digitize your logo into an embroidery file. Some simpler logos have no charge at all. If there is a charge this is a one time fee that sarts at $15.00, and goes up from there depending on the complexity, and size of the design. No group discounts apply to this digitizing fee as we do not mark this fee up, and we pass the fee directly to you.

    When you pay the digitizing fee the embroidery file does belong to you of course, and if you should ever need it for future projects we can send it to you. At the same time that we tell you the digitizing fee we will also tell you the per placement fee. This is the cost every time we put your logo in one location i.e. left, right, top center, etc. This fee starts at $7.00 per spot, and again can go up depending on the complexity, size, and thread count of the logo. Group, Non-Profit, and Veteran discounts do apply to this cost.

    So once you send us the logo we send it out to find out all the fees, and then contact you for approval on those costs.


    Vinyl Heat Press can be a great, and colorful way to do your logo as well. With this method Vinyl is cut out in one, or various colors, and then heat presed directly onto the garment. For some projects this can be a great choice. We can give you advice on the best method to use for your project, and particular design.


    In this method we have your logo screen printed directly on to the garment. This can be a great method for certain projects, but not for all. We can give you advice on the best method to use for your project, and particular design.


    In this method we have your logo screen printed on to Heat Press Transfer similar to the Vinyl Heat Press above. This may require a minimum order to do.


    To get started and to be able to send your logo, or embroidery file to us use the CONTACT US link in the Navigation bar near the top, and bottom of this website to send us a message. When we respond you will be able to attach your files to the email, and we can get started making your custom logo products.